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At the get go, Fbookhookups doesn’t waste any time in convincing you to sign up. With the head line of “Real Hookups, Real Sex,” any red blooded male would be hard pressed not to sign up. It also doesn’t help that all the high quality model pictures on the cover page are showing their bare assets. I couldn’t help it, but the models were calling out to me to join their adult casual dating site. Those smiles and piercing eyes were hard to resist.

Signing up was a cinch. The initial sign-up process entails five steps. You first state your gender and pick the gender you want to hook up with. Next you enter your birthdate, country, and zip code. In the third step, you enter your email address, username, and password. From then you enter your race, body type, sexual orientation, and marital status. You have the option of leaving it as “Prefer not say.” Lastly you provide an introduction title and little about yourself. Normally I would breeze through the signup process; however, the random videos of the naked models were very distracting.

Once inside, they immediately want you to sign up for gold membership so that you can get full access. Essentially they want your money right away. You get access to millions of profiles, sexy videos, photos, unlimited member webcams, flirts, instant messages, and group chat. The only thing you do not get is contact from the free members. That will set you back $108 for the full year, $36 for 3 months, and $20 for just one month. This is of course is on top of your membership fees. For those that just want to try it for the month, it will cost $30. Committing for three months will cost a mere $20 a month. An annual membership will cost you a measly $15 per month. Personally I would go for the $30 option just so you can get a feel for the site.

As I was reading the membership information, I had noticed that the number above my inbox was increasing. I was getting emails from couples that wanted to meet “new friends.” I clicked on one of the member photos and it brought me to their profile page. I was only able to see their profile pic but not their other pictures. I was allowed to send a message, hotlist them, add them as friend, and like them for free. If I wanted to view a specific profile for 30 days, I would have to pay $3. In addition it would cost me $1 to send a flirt. I was beginning to feel like I was at a BMW dealership getting nickel and dimed for every little thing.

I continued down the members profile and was impressed by features. The compatibility chart caught my eye. It indicated that the member matched me perfectly with a score of 100 based off what she and I had checked off initially in the signup process. Below that there was a button where I could become her top fan. In order to become her top fan I had to donate 160 points. The minimum bid was 50 points. Apparently I only had 20 points and obviously I wanted to know how to get more. There were two ways to get more points. You either pay for points or complete the task they outline in the points program. Below are charts for the points program and the cost for the points.

Points Program

Upload a Photo (500 point max) 100
Top Fans Message your Top Fans (earn 10% of top bids) variable
Upload a Video (1,000 points max) 200
Confirm Your ID 2000
Update Status (200 points max) 2
Complete Profile Introduction Section (20 points max) 20
Answer Each 'Additional Question' 2
Create a Blog Post (Approved posts / 300 points max) 30
Comment on a Blog Post (Approved comments / 300 points max) 10
Add an Article (300 points max) 30
Reply to Questions (300 points max) 30
Vote on Replies to Questions (200 points max) 20
Vote on Article (200 points max) 20
Friend Registers (2,000 points max) 100
Friend Registers and Upgrades 2000
Create a Group Post (300 points max) 30
Comment on a Group Post (300 points max) 10
Post Comments on Photos & Videos (1,000 points max) 2
Post Comments on Status (1,000 points max) 2
Liking (photo, status or video) (200 points max) 1
Responding to an Initial Message (1,000 points max) 20
Reading Message With Flowers/Virtual Gifts (Unlimited / 500 points max from vip members) 25
Sell Bling (Upload up to 400) variable
Cost of Points
  • 5000 Points $40
  • 4000 Points $34
  • 3000 Points $27
  • 2000 Points $19
  • 1000 Points $10
  • 500 Points $6
  • 200 Points $3

Diving In

After browsing through different member profiles, a limited time offer of 50% off appeared. The offer was very enticing. The single month membership was reduced down to $15 per month. A three month commitment was dropped to $10 per month. As for the annual membership it came down to a ridiculous $4 per month. What an absolute deal! I couldn’t imagine anyone declining that offer, especially when there is so much going on. In the top middle section of the homepage there are four tabs that tell you who is online, your new matches, members near you, and VIP. It was very refreshing to see that they did a good job of not overwhelming you a bunch of pictures at one time. Instead they populated the section with 10 members at a time. If you want to view more you can click on the bottom to the right labeled “view all.” Things got more intriguing as I scrolled down.

In the middle section of the page, there were banners that advertised how to become a top fan and who the top fans are. I clicked on it and it brought me to a page full of all the members rich in points, the figures where in hundreds of thousands. The top 3 members that had the most points were highlighted at the top. To the right you could see who the top bidders were. This was where the “ballers” got showcased. I have to admit it is an ingenious idea. What better way to get dudes to spend more money than to have a section that essentially blows up their ego. The more money they drop the higher their rankings become. The top 3 members with the greatest donation get highlighted at the top. We all know that no man wants to be below another man so I wouldn’t be surprised if the top 3 bidders were different every day.

Things got even more interesting and fun when I scrolled down further to the member activities section. The format was strikingly similar to a Facebook page. Naked photos, explicit videos, and naughty topics could be seen here by everyone. Somebody had posted some photos that had a bare naked woman wearing nothing but high heels. The post was labeled “The higher the heels, the closer to Heaven!” I’m guessing she meant that the higher the heels get, the more the booty gets propped up equating to a heavenly bottom. One of the members responded “Amen to that!” I appreciated the religious reference. The members activity is defaulted to global, however, you can adjust it so that you can see activity from the members that are local or the ones you friended or hotlist. Personally I would keep it at the global default tab because there are so many entertaining posts. At the same time I can see it get overwhelming for some. Thank goodness for the search tab.

The search tab is situated at the top, four tabs in. It allows you to search who is online, new matches, local members, VIP members, who’s hot or not, and advanced search. Some of these search functions such as whose online, new matches, and local members can be found on the main page too. However, it is more advantageous to use the search tab because you have the ability to filter your search more in depth by gender, age range, location, race, body type, sexual orientation, marital status, looking for me, has photos, broadcasting now, gold members, and VIP members. In addition it provides you with more member pictures and a larger photo size. I appreciated that. What I really appreciated even more was how the filters for the searches were set up. Having boxes to check next to what you want filtered was immensely easy to use. I am more used to seeing the drop down menus and I find it irritating at times because it takes a while to load, the drop down menu disappears too quickly, or the list is vastly too long. Here you just check off what you want and you are done. I think the site could benefit from a check all box and deselect all box to the make user experience smoother.

I found that searching under “hot or not” was very entertaining. Not only do you get to see member photos one at a time but you also get to rate them as hot or not. The member gets added to your hot list if you choose the thumbs up. I got tired of that feature real quick and moved on to the “Live Action” tab. Under “Live Action”, there are sub categories such as live model chat, live member, adult chat rooms, flash chat, and instant messenger. I was taken off guard a little when I saw “model chat,” but thought to myself that models can be members too. The models were gorgeous. In order to chat with them you had to agree to a minute by minute rate. I was imaging my wallet getting thinner and thinner. Opting for a no cost option, I browsed the “live member webcams” section. The broadcast seemed more genuine because they weren’t treating it like a job. Although it is free to watch, you are limited to five instant messages. If you prefer to just chat, then the adult chat rooms are where you would go. You just have to choose a username and choose a group topic discussion. Topics range anything from phone sex, car sex, to hot tub sex. Just remember to be respectful and courteous.

As for the flash chat, it looked like a bunch of random chats going on at the same time on the page. I wasn’t sure what was going on here. The layout appeared archaic and unorganized. A better way to chat would be through instant messenger. You can send an instant message to anyone online. The down side is that you can only send five as a standard member, so you are probably better off spending your time in the community section. In the community section, there are sub categories such as blogs, groups, magazine, sex academy, and contests to participate in. In the blogs section, you can create your own blog and have people view it or you can read other peoples blogs. The blogs are sorted descending from the most recent date. I found the blogs to be fascinating and quite arousing. Here, the members posted nude selfies, the last time they had sex, and their blow job experiences. If you are more into discussions then it would behoove you to visit the “groups” and “magazine” section. Personally I feel the groups section was a bit of a yawn only because I’m more into visual stimulation. However, this will appeal to you if you are into having Socratic seminars about sex. Essentially you pick the group of interest and provide a little something about yourself to join the discussion. The magazines section was a bit of a bore for me too. I’m sure this is not the case for English major buffs. Here, members can write their own articles or read other member articles. Obviously I didn’t spend too much time here.

I however did spend a lot of time in the Sex Academy. This section has courses where members can sharpen their shagging skills or learn new techniques. The courses deal with oral sex, sex positions, massages, and anal sex to name a few. Unfortunately the only course available to standard members is called “Erotic Massage for Couples.” The course is accompanied by a nude video and a quiz. Once you complete the course, you will receive a course icon on your profile to let others know that you are a sexual badass. Plus it might give you an edge if you decide to participate in their slew of contest year round. The contest section is where members get to convey their creativity and sexual appeal. Information of about what the current contest is, the upcoming contest, and the top 3 winners from the last contest can be found here. The current contest that was running at the time entailed members wearing green in honor of Saint Patty’s day. Winners are determined by the most amounts of likes and comments from other members. I have to say that some of the pictures were absolutely amazing. I was tempted to unzip my pants a few times. From what I observed the ones that had the most likes and comments were mostly found in the “What’s Hot” section. Everything from videos, albums, members, to adult movies can be found in the “what’s hot section.” I believe “hot” is determined by how many likes they receive, who has the most points, and how many times it is viewed. It’s safe to say the majority of members and videos were hot. As for the others I wasn’t sure how they got there.

Final Thoughts

What I am sure of is that fbookhookups is full of features that are worth taking a look at. There are so many members online all the time. “Hot” members actually exist on the site. I got the sense that the sexual community was so inviting and rich in sexual knowledge. It’s a community I would love to be a part of. With the 50% off membership offer fbookhookups can look forward to a new community member in me.

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