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Fling.com claims it’s the world’s best adult social adult network. There is nothing social about this site. Let’s be real. There is only one purpose on Fling.com and the main page is a direct reflection of its sole purpose. The page is plastered with profile pictures of members showing their ass, tits, and in some cases their crotch. Those that join this site have one thing in mind and that’s to get into the pants of whoever it is they meet.

Getting Started

You start off by indicating if you are a man or woman. Next off you select what you are seeking. The choices are woman, man, or couple. Then you are asked to provide your zip code. You are then asked to provide your age. Lastly you are asked to type in your email address. There is also a check box that says “You Won! Claim your Free tokens on Camsoda.com.” You are then asked to come up w/ a password. Once all the information is provided you are then sent to a welcome page and asked to upload a picture. Fling claims that you will get 10x more views. You are then asked what you are looking for. The options are only members with photos and only members near me. You are then asked to select the age range. You then have the option of choosing the race, hair color, and body type. The race options are limited to white, black, Asian, and Latina. The hair color options are blonde, brunette, and redhead. You can choose thin, athletic, or curvy as your body type. Upon completion of the information for the welcome page, Fling lets you know that they are committed to authenticity by bullet pointing their reasons.

  • No face accounts
  • Round the Clock Team that prevents fake signups
  • Never sell your info to 3rd parties
  • No spam
  • Clear unsubscribe link emails
  • 9+ years of satisfied users
Fling goes to the trouble to show you that they are the winner of the best dating website for the AVN awards show. However, they don’t tell you what year they won it. For all we know, they won it a decade ago.


Clicking continue takes you to their order page. The membership cost is as follows

  • Gold 2 Day Trial is $1.00/month
  • Gold 7 Day Trial is $9.95/month (Most Popular)
  • Gold 1 Month Trial is $34.95/month
  • Gold 6 Month Trial is $11.65/month
  • Gold 12 Month Trial is $6.67/month (Best Value)

Ordering through their site is Safe, Secure, and Discreet. They provide 128 bit secure encrypted transactions, 24/7 customer support, and discreet billing. In addition, they have a 3 month guarantee that says if you are unable to hook up in 3 months, then they’ll give you an extra 3 months for free. That’s not a bad deal. I wonder what happens after they give you the 3 months for free and you still haven’t hooked up. Are you considered hopeless after that? You have the option of paying by credit card, checking account, or by phone. Even if you decide not to join, you have the option of checking out the site for free. Cancellation is a bit of a challenge. I looked in the help section, account settings, and private policy section and was not able to find it. I finally found it in the terms and conditions. I couldn’t believe they buried it there. Obviously they do not want you to cancel your membership.

On the home page Fling starts you off by showing you 15 pictures of random pictures and asks for you to select everyone you think is hot. There is option of seeing more and sending winks. It then tells you that if you do not click on the validation link that was sent to the email you provided then you will not receive messages, friend request, or be in the search results.


The way the site is laid out it’s probably not the most intuitive. It seems a little disorganized and the way it is separated is amateurish at best. The page seems very busy, but not in a good way. On the home page you are first greeted with the search option which defaults to the criteria you first had selected. You can of course change the criteria. Hitting the search button will generate a page with eight profile images in the middle of page with an additional forty member profiles below that. The eight members in the middle page are the featured members. Participating in this feature requires a credit card. They don’t mention how much this feature will set you back. The features that are free to use are sending a message, favorited, notify on, quick chat, and like. I was impressed that you could even execute these features for free. You can send a message to any member. It doesn’t tell you what the maximum character limits are. Unfortunately you are allotted only two per day. Even if you send a message to them, it’s not guaranteed that they will get your message because some of the members only allow premium members to contact them. You can add members as a favorite. I did that for all the hot ones. I am unsure of what “notify me” does. There is no explanation except that when I click on it, it turns to notify on. As for the like button, you can like any many people as you want. There is a limit of 20 activities per day. Once you use that up, then that’s it. It’s a great way to give you a taste of what you can do on site. As for the quick chat, there is a list of canned responses you can choose. Below is a list of some of the canned responses.

  • You look great, care to chat?
  • Looking for some fun, hit me up!
  • Amazing pics
  • Really like your look we should chat


Who’s Cute Game

You can rate up to 50 users a day and rate them as hot or not. If you rate 50 users, you will get noticed by other members. I’m not sure what the purpose of this is, but I guess it’s a good way for free members to keep busy. This is probably one way for them to entice you to add a photo.

Who’s Online Features

The feature “show’s who’s online” basically displays the members that are online. You can give them a wink, do a quick chat, favorite them, turn notification on, or even like them. To access the members on video chat you will have to upgrade to a premium membership. There are more sections on the home page like featured members, hotties in your area, premium live cams, who’s viewed me, my friends, popular member photos, and popular member videos. From the descriptions you get an idea of what each section entails. Premium membership is required to explore any further. The only area you can click on is the premium live cam which takes you to camsoda.com page. I am assuming this is their sister site but specializing in adult web cam models. There is also another site called FlingLiveGirls.com where you can talk to a variety of live cam models. It’s free to watch them with limited functions. If you want to make a request or go private, a tip or fixed rate per minute will be required.


There are three traditional ways to search. There is a basic search, advanced search, and username search. In basic search there are limited fields such as sexual preference, gender, age, country, and city or zip code. You can also search for members online, users with photos, sms/text verified, video chatting, and verified photos. In advanced search you get the basic search fields in addition to searching for their physical features such as eye color, body type, hair color, and race. There is also the option of compatibility which includes religion, languages, and marital status. You can also search for those interested in experimenting, threesomes, friends with benefits, online flirting, meet in person, and open to relationships. If you are into their income or profession, you have this option to select as well. The last traditional way to search is through their username. This is a good option for those who already know the username from another person or maybe was chatting with someone and got disconnected.

The other nontraditional ways to search are through sms users, most popular, new faces, who’s viewed me, and those online now. Searching for sms users involves members that have the option to send and receive text messages. When searching for sms, it defaults to showing you 8 member profiles. I had mixed feelings about this search feature. I think searching by most popular might be a better option because it displays more member profiles. It gives you a result of 49 member profile pictures. You can then search within this feature by age, race, and body type. The browse search option allows you browse by state and country. It shows you how many members are within that region. Fling has members in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Australia, and South America. I can see this option as being beneficial for those that are planning a trip somewhere and want to hook up with the locals. Another good option for searching is through new faces. If you are also new to the site, you can easily connect with them because you have something in common. You guys can explore the site together and share your experiences. Searching through who’s viewed me is probably the easiest option if you have a good profile picture or are physically gifted. Unfortunately you have to be a paid member to see the members who have viewed you. For those that want an instant response, searching for those online is a viable option. Within this search feature you can then filter by distance, last login, photo count, and most popular. Although some of these search features are free to use, it’s basically a tease because in order to chat with anybody, you have to upgrade your membership. In addition to having the ability to chat with members you will get 300 free credits to use on videochat, realitykings premium movies, and users who haven’t paid yet.


The only place you can really chat for free is in group chat. There is a main lobby where all sorts of topics are discussed. It’s pretty much chaos here. When I had logged in, there were only four chat rooms: The main lobby, bisexual room, BBW room, and the meet in person room. There are usually 1 or 2 women in the chat room who are bored. The rest are guys providing colorful commentary always referencing back to their member.

Trending Now

Another area you can view for free is in the trending now section. This is where members post their own pictures with comments. Sometimes the pictures here are random and non nude, but the majority of the photos posted here are boob shots and crotch shots. I think this section is for the members who want people to like their photos and visit their page. Seeing their photos or videos in more detail requires forking out your wallet.

Account Verification

Fling has an interesting way of verifying that you are indeed the person that had send in the photo for your profile. They ask you to take a picture of your face with your own webcam. If you do not have a webcam then I highly recommend that you go purchase one so that you can do a face to face chat with some of the members. The alternative to verifying your account without a webcam is to upload a photo id. I am not sure how this verification works or how reliable it may be. Fling claims that verified profiles get 20x more views, gets priority placement in search results, and validates that you look like your photos. Personally I don’t agree with their claims. I think you can get 20x more views with a nude photo alone.


In order to get priority messaging, text/sms someone, unlock premium content, or get on top of search results you need to have credits in your accounts. To add credits, like everything else, you have to pay. This is in addition to your membership fee. Basically this is an upsell to continually get you to spend on their site. The following shows the cost of purchasing credits:

  • $1.00 gets you 100 credits
  • $3.99 gets you 500 credits
  • $19.95 gets you 2000 credits
It seems to me that buying 500 credits is the best way to get the most value for your money. I’m not sure why anyone would pay $1.00 or $19.95 unless they are horrible at math or don’t care about throwing money away.

Feature Your Profile

If you want to end up on the featured members section, then you have to spend $9.97 per month. Below is a list of advantages to becoming a featured member

  • Get 50 free credits (this is worth 50 cents, basically a slap in the face)
  • Boosts Profile to Top of Search Results (this is obvious)
  • Get Featured on Member Home Page
  • Get Highlighted on Search Pages
  • Get 10x More Views
The benefits seem marginal. What if everyone paid this amount? How would they determine who would go on top or be ahead of someone else’s profile?

Bottom Line

Fling has a lot to offer. There seems to be enough content on the site to keep members entertained. The membership fees are competitive; however I don’t like the fact that they try to upsell you on other features that seem marginally beneficial. There is Facebook feel to it due to the trending now feature, however it lacks a community feel to it. It’s mostly boob and crotch selfies. The Chat Room could use a little work with better organization. I’m not convinced that people here want to hook up. I get the feeling this is a site for those that are feeling a little naughty and want to show off their assets. That’s fine if you are okay with this. You might be better off joining a porn site.

Check Out Fling

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