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Overview pretty much spells out what it’s about right there in the name. It’s a site geared toward getting its members laid, and the sooner the better. People join to indulge in their sexual fantasies, to meet locals for sex. This is not a site for the shy or timid. Profiles can be made discreetly to allow you to be as free about your desires as you like. This site is for people who know what they want and need a place online to find it.


Signing up to Instabang is a quick process. Specify your gender, the gender of the single (or couple) you are seeking, your zip code, age, email, and your own password for the site. You’ll land on the welcome page where you’ll be asked to upload a profile photo (you can even use a webcam for this) and your own Display Name. The site will then ask you for some of your preferences. Lastly, you’ll have to verify your email and you’re good.


Instabang let’s new users know right away that they are “Committed to Authenticity”. The following is a list of their bullet points as to what that means:

  • We don’t create fake accounts.
  • 24/7 team to prevent fake signups.
  • We never sell your info to third-parties.
  • We never spam you.
  • Clear unsubscribe link in emails.
  • Over 9 years of happy users
A dating site’s authenticity is always going to be a subject of particular note when it comes to a customer’s purchasing decision. Instabang addresses this immediately during the signup process to inform their visitors and alleviate any of those concerns.

Layout & Features


Instabang certain provides users with quick access to all their features on your homepage as soon as you log in. Pretty much everything you would want to use or would find useful to know placed on the homepage and all of the sections are filled with member profile pictures. There is a quick search towards the top if you’re in the mood to browse some profiles. There’s a section that shows “who’s online now” and a section previewing “members on video chat”. You can also preview “feature members”, see who’s has viewed your own profile and see a listing of your friends and their online statuses. Towards the bottom, you also can preview “popular member photos” and “popular member videos”. More specific to each particular user, on the right side of the page is the activity center which is essentially a log of the activity of your own profile.


There’s a message center towards the top right of your homepage that lists all your messages, inbound and outbound, with a filter to narrow down the listing if it becomes a bit much to shuffle through. You can filter messages by your “Friends” or “Favorites” and even sort them by their distance from your own location. There’s even a filter that can sort out the users who are still using the site for free if you want.


For managing your Friends or Connections List, you can check that section out from your Instabang homepage in the upper right corner. This section will list all your Friends and Favorites and whether or not they are online currently. It will also list any Friend Requests to yourself and keep track of any Friend Requests you may have sent out. Other things here you can manage are members you have blocked and members that have viewed your own profile, and any private media is also tracked here. Private media are things like photos or videos directly sent to a specific user. It’s comes through initially as a request and only becomes viewable to you after you have approved it.


The Profiles on Instabang are pretty good in my opinion. They are pretty much designed to be quick and easy to read. You get the information you want, without too much information that could bog down a person reviewing it. As for when your fleshing out your own member profile, you have a choice about how detailing you want to be. Besides your photo, it’s pretty simple filling out details like height, body type, hair color, ethnicity, eye color or more personal stuff like your dating/marital status, profession, religion, etc. If you’re so inclined, you can even write a little description about you are in the “About Me” section of your profile and also have a little write up about what you’re looking for in a partner (or partners) in the section called “About You”. These sections are limited to 2000 characters which like. It keeps the profiles readable and not to complicated.


Uploading photos is a huge factor in getting your profile noticed on Instabang. Let’s face it, the name is a play on another very prominent photo sharing platform. I won’t say which, but it rhymes with insta-ham. Instabang gives their users the freedom to share whatever they want to about their own desires. They encourage lingerie themes, discreet or not, along with fantasy and fetish themes. Nudity is most certainly encouraged and it shows throughout the whole of the site. They do temper it a bit to prevent people from going overboard but I do think that is a responsible move on the site’s part. No photos of penetration, erections, or close ups of your private parts taking up more than 50% of a photo. More importantly: no violent, offensive, or copyrighted images; no images of other people without their permission; and no photos of minors under the age of 18. Adults only.


Instabang is discreet and safe place to have fun but I’d say there is a lot of responsibility placed on the members themselves to be smart about how they go about having their fun. There are predators on any dating site you visit regardless of how “classy” or “exclusive” they say their members are. We are in the internet age. We should all know this by now. Don’t reveal personal identifiable information unless you are comfortable with the person you’re interacting with. If you’re going on a first date, be smart enough to set up a meeting place somewhere public. As excited as you might get for getting the chance to live out those fantasies and desires, you gotta use your best judgment before meeting someone in person.

Membership costs

Prices for memberships on Instabang are pretty much on par with other online dating sites you’ll come across.

  • Gold Membership 2-Day Trial - $1.00
  • Gold Membership 7-Day Trial - $9.95
  • Gold Membership 1-Month - $34.95
  • Gold Membership 6-Month - $11.65/mo
  • Gold Membership 12-Month - $6.67/mo
Instabang accepts payments by credit card and by checking account.

Discreet Profile

I get it, you have urges but you don’t need the whole world to know. Or maybe you need a little break from some of the attention you’ve been getting and be stealthier on the site. Instabang gives you the option to make your profile discreet in your Manage Account settings so that only members in your Friends Network are able to see your photos.


Receiving and reading messages on Instabang is real easy. When you’re the homepage, you can view your received messages in the top right corner. Sending messages to other members is as simple as clicking on their profile and using the Send Message button. If you’re a tech savvy creative type, you can try styling up your messages using basic html code to change the font size, style and colors.

Verified Accounts

Verified Accounts indicate that a user has verified with Instabang that they who they state they are a real person. All a user needs to get their account verified is a webcam. Then you get a little badge that shows on your profile. It’s certainly a plus in terms of other users trusting you so it doesn’t hurt. But it’s also not a full verification process like a lot of other sites where you have to submit a bunch of info. There are pros and cons to this so just understand where the line is drawn. One of the cons is a real person doesn’t necessarily make for a 100% honest person. On the other hand this may be a pro if you are not interested in sharing any of your information to what can amount to strangers on the internet. Something everyone should consider.


Instabang likes to use this term for its members and while it’s common to think someone who’s “hot” indicates their level of attractiveness, this is not the case. A user’s “Hotness” level is a function of that member’s activity level on the site. More specifically, it’s determined by how often they use the site’s search tools, update photos and message other members. To put it simply, the less you use the site, the lower your hotness rating. Less hotness also factors into showing up less often in search results. Uploading photos and searching members is a quick and simple way to keep your Hotness level up.

Video Chat

Video Chat is set up for users broadcasting on their own webcam to chat and have fun. As the broadcaster you can choose to have a public or private room and rooms can hold up to 100 users. If you’re just here to browse the video chat rooms can do that too and you can filter the rooms by gender of the room’s owner. Joining a room is just a matter of clicking on the room’s icon and then clicking the Join Selected Room button. If you are just browsing, you’re not required to use a webcam of your own, but like photos and videos a live feed of yourself visible to other users ought to increase the responses you’ll receive as a user on Instabang. If you’re new to video chat, here are some common etiquette tips. Try watching a room for a few minutes to take a temperature of the room’s mood before sending a message. You want to try and understand the atmosphere that’s been built up before you entered. Try to avoid shouting. In terms of text messages, that means make an effort to avoid typing in all caps. It’s generally interpreted as shouting. Try to keep your messages short. Long drawn out messages should be broken up into shorter sentences and sent separately to avoid flooding the chat screen. Lastly, try to be courteous. When spoken to, or asked a question, make an effort to send some sort of reply. And it’s common to say goodbye to the people you’ve been chatting with when you’ve leaving a room.

Bottom Line

Instabang is a strong competitor in the casual online dating space. They have a decent enough member pool but not as large as some of the others. They have a working, reliable interface but also not as feature rich as you’d find with some of its competitors. Maybe if you’ve been in the scene for a while and looking for a new dating pool to dive into, Instabang is a viable option. Otherwise, you might find your time better spent on some of the bigger dating sites.

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