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It used to be that once you hit the half century mark in your life, retirement was on the horizon. Nowadays hitting fifty is the new forty. Today’s fifty and over crowd are not the same as the quinquagenarians of yester years. The fifty and over crowd is healthier, more energetic, more adventurous, posting like mad on social media, taking selfies, and dating furiously online. If this sounds like you, then the ourtime.com community would love for you to be a part of their community.

Signing Up

The main landing page for ourtime.com is quite welcoming and invigorating. It shows three rotating clips of women smiling and having a good time. As a man looking to sign up, why wouldn’t you want to join?

The sign up process is pretty straight forward. You start off by selecting if you are man or woman and who you are looking for. The next screen asks you what country you are currently in. A blank field asking for your zip code follows. A username and password is then requested. It then asks you to upload a photo. I highly recommend uploading a photo. Next you are asked to write a little something about yourself. I think keeping it short and simple is a good rule to follow here. Besides you can make changes to it at a later time. Once you have found an awesome picture of yourself and uploaded it, you are then presented with eight member photos and asked to select the ones you like. The purpose of this is for their systems to find a better match for you.

After you select the photos you like you are brought to a screen where it shows you the membership rates. It gives you ten minutes to lock in their special rates. Don’t be fooled by the time constraint to lock in the rate. It’s just their way of creating unneeded urgency. I logged in a day later and the offer was still there. The cost is $29.96 if you are planning just to join for a month. That breaks down to $7.49 a week. For those interested in committing for the long term, be prepared to shell out $90 for six months. That breaks down to $3.75 a week. There is another 6 month option that is slightly more expensive at $107.76. In this six month version you get full mobile access, message read notification, profile highlight, and message highlight. These are additional features to the standard features of replying to messages, seeing who flirted with you, seeing members who have fave’d you, chatting with hundreds of members online, enhanced search and match options, instant messenger chat, see who is interested in you, and sending and receiving emails. This is the best bang for your buck option. You can pay by visa, mastercard, amex, discover, or through paypal. Subscription will renew automatically until you cancel.

Navigating Through The Site

It’s important to get the home page layout right and Ourtime does so. Their layout is intuitive. The left side of the page is separated into three categories: the inbox, connections, who I like, and search. Under the inbox is where you find messages, your connectme, and gifts. Connectme is a feature that allows you to talk and text other members while keeping your number private. This feature is only available to paid members. Virtual gifts can be purchased to give to other members. Sadly there is total of 8 virtual gifts. A rose, teddy bear, necklace, pocket knife, game controller, golf bag, and watch are your only options. The cost varies from 10 tokens to 75 tokens. Tokens can be purchased. $9.99 gets you 280 tokens, $3.99 gets you 110 tokens, and 99 cents gets you 25 tokens. Keep in mind that when your token balance reaches 20 or below, you will automatically be renewed at the same price and same number of tokens as your initial order. This will continue until you cancel.

The connections category is comprised of viewed me, fave'd me, flirted with me, liked my photo, and today’s matches.

  • The “Viewed Me” keeps tabs on who’s viewed you and who you have viewed. It allows you to see other members’ profile pictures, how many times they viewed you, when they last viewed you, whether you saved them to your favorites, and the last flirt you sent to them.
  • The “Fave’d Me”, “Flirted with Me”, and “Liked my Photo sub sections are pretty self-explanatory. Essentially it shows the members who added you as a favorite, sent you a flirt, and liked your photo. These features are exclusive to paid members.
  • The “Who I Like” category is organized into subsections called “My Flirts”, “My Favorites”, “My Views”, and “Photos I Like.” My flirt keeps track of who I flirted with. Further details such as a members profile picture, their last login, whether or not it is saved to my favorites, and the date of my last flirt can also be seen.
  • The “My Favorites” sub category contains the same details as found in the “My Flirts” sub section with the addition of being able to see the ratings, reminder notes, and last sent message. The rating system used is based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the highest and 10 being the worst. Reminder notes allows you to put whatever notes are needed. There appears to be no character limits. Last sent message keeps track of when you had sent a message to another member. This comes in handy for those who have a tendency to send everyone a message.
  • In the “My View” sub section it displays the profile picture of the member that was viewed, the number of times the profile was viewed, when the last time their profile was browsed, whether or not it’s saved to my favorites, the last message that was received, and the last message that was sent out. There is also the option of deleting the profiles as well.
For the “Photos I like” sub section, information such as the username, the photo that was liked, and the date the like was sent is available.

Menu Tabs

There are six tabs on the top menu of the page. It consists of the home tab, inbox tab, search tab, matches tab, tokens tab, and the settings tab. In the home tab it is organized into the who do you like section, the new members in your area section, the notifications section, who’s viewed me section, reminders, my community updates, my profile section, and available to chat section.

In the “who do you like” section, it shows you two pictures. You have the option of selecting one of the two photos or skipping both of them. The one you select gets saved under the “photos I like” section mentioned earlier. You could go on forever in this section. Once you feel like you had enough, you could move onto the “new members in your area,” This is where it shows you who the newcomers are in your area. It starts you off with eight member profile pictures. If this is not enough for you, then you can view more. When you get tired of viewing the new members in your area you can then move down the page by looking at “who has viewed your profile” in the “notifications” section. It tells you who flirted with you, viewed your profile, who sent you a message, and when the last action was recorded. Below the notifications, it shows you who has viewed you. You can then flirt, message them, or save them. For the ones you saved, it gets highlighted in the reminders section so that you can contact them or chat with them at a later time.

At the bottom of the page, you will find the community updates. Here you will find updates on people uploading new photos and birthday reminders. This gives you the ability to view their photo, like their photo, and say happy birthday to other members. To the right starting from the top, you are presented with your profile. Under your profiles you get to see your messages, your views, and your flirts. There is a number indication that shows how many messages, views, and flirts you have. Below that it shows the members that are readily available to chat on instant messenger in your area. By default it gives you a list of 30 members. In order to instant message them you will have to be a paying member. There is also the option of sending them a flirt. Fortunately this is free.


The search tab is very similar to the search category mentioned earlier on the left side of the page. The difference is that there are more advanced search features. You can search for username by exact match or searching for something similar to the username. You can search for who’s online now with the age and image format criteria. You are limited to thumbnails or gallery. You can search by keywords and then filter by age, distance, and zip code. There are even recommended keywords for you to search such as travel, dancing, pets, or hiking to name a few. The last search criteria are through birthdays. I was a little confused with this search option at first. I thought it was a search feature that was based on how similar your birthdays were. I didn’t realize it was for searching for someone’s actual birthday for that day.


The matches tab consist of an “I’m interested” section and a “today’s matches”. The “I’m interested” section is a duplicate of the one found on the left side of the page as mentioned earlier. As for “today’s matches” it shows you your matches for the day. It gives you five matches where you can indicate whether or not they are a fit. For the ones that are a yes, you can send a flirt for free. A membership subscription is needed in order to send a message.


There are three things you can do with your tokens. You can use the tokens to promote yourself, send virtual gifts, and notify yourself. For 20 tokens you can promote yourself to the top of the search results. You can only do this once a day and it will last for sixty minutes. As mentioned earlier you can buy virtual gifts with tokens. Twenty tokens buys a notification alert of a specific member logging in for the duration of seven days. In other words you are paying the system to be a virtual stalker for you without them knowing that you are stalking them.


In the settings section, you can make changes to your profile, photos, account, tokens, and log out.

Contacting Other Members

When you have decided on who has the most attractive profile picture you can dig a little deeper into finding out what they are all about. A person’s profile is defaulted to the about page. This is where they share a snippet of what they are all about when they first signed up. You can make it as long as you want but I found myself skipping the ones that just had too much to say about themselves. They also share a description of who their ideal match would be. Sometimes people leave this blank for whatever reason. You have the option of sending a request for them to answer this part. The last part in the about me section is where you can ask her any questions you may have about her. This of course requires you to pay for membership.

The photo section is where you can view all the photos the member has uploaded. Unlike other sites this comes at no extra charge. You can also answer a few questions to view what you may have in common with the profile you are looking at. It starts off by asking you your favorite types of movies. Your options are action, drama, comedy, romance, documentary, or none. You can select more than one. Next you are asked what your favorite types of foods are. The choices are American, Mexican, Asian, Italian, vegetarian, or other. The next set of questions involves your dream vacation. The options are tropical, nature, ski resort, metropolitan, backpacking, or other. Next you are asked what your favorite genres of music are. The options are rock, hip hop, country, jazz, classical, or other. Favorite sports are then inquired. Football, basketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, or other is your options. The final set of questions involves what your thoughts are on of a perfect weekend. Your options are limited to brunch, sports, hiking, movies, relaxing, or other. This may seem like a semi-arduous task but it helps you as a conversation starter


There are actually quite a lot of things to in this community of individuals. Many are obviously looking for serious relationship despite being divorced. The members convey energy, enthusiasm, and the desire to explore what is out there. Although the amount of members is not revealed, there seems to be more than a good amount of members. I am fairly satisfied with the amount of members and the quality of individuals on this site. Nothing is overwhelming. You don’t have to fill out a questionnaire that may seem to take eons to complete. There is a sense of open mindedness about this site. It tries to give a community vibe with community updates however; it falls short because there are no topics up for discussion. Members are not engaging with each. Everyone just seems to go about their own business. What this site could you use is articles, blogs, chat rooms, topics of the day, picture of the day, member contest. I also think that there would be more token purchases if there were more virtual gifts to buy. Having merely eight will not cut it.

I am not sure why there is only a 6 month membership option. The fact that they break the cost down by week is rather insulting. They are trying to convey a low price but at the cost of trying to deceive people. They might as well break it down to per day, per hour, per minute, and even per second if you are going to dwell down to those levels. Not every site is perfect and there is always room for improvement. With that being said, Ourtimes’s pros outweigh its cons. It’s good to know that by the time I reach middle age, there will be viable and good dating options available like Ourtime.com.

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